Thursday, 2 October 2014

A very special announcement ...

We are very excited to announce our second pregnancy :) We found out very early this time, at only 6 weeks! We had our very first ultrasound yesterday at 14 weeks and everything looks great! The baby is expected to arrive April 1 which I am really hoping any other day, imagine having your birthday on April fools day??! One of my best friends had her baby on that day, when she told everyone she had the baby, none of us believed her! We all said, "yeah right good April fools joke!" And then she sent a picture... oops.. jokes on us... "CONGRATULATIONS! I meant.." haha

My Dad was born on April fools day, but my Gramma legally changed his birthday to the day before for his sake! Who knows if thats true though, that side of the family likes to pull my leg a lot!

We were (well I was) really hoping to have twins this time around, it runs on both sides of my family, most people think I was crazy when I told them I actually prayed hard for twins! And asked others to pray too! Why? To be honest, I'm one of those rare women who really does not enjoy being pregnant, I love having the baby, I love being a mom, but carrying around a baby for 9 months I kinda dread it.... it doesn't help that I throw up, a lot... With Harlow it was every single day all day until I was 16 weeks along... this baby I just feel like throwing up every single day, here's to hoping it goes away at 16 weeks as well! 

Also I get very tired & Lazy, I could literally sleep 24-7, I don't drink coffee, I think it tastes disgusting, I have tried, so normally I drink Red bull when needed, but you can't have that when your pregnant! The first time pregnant being tired was fine, I had all the time in the world to be lazy, everyone accepted it "she is pregnant, its ok she is being lazy and sleeps all the time!" this time... not so much, I have a funny, adorable, VERY busy toddler AND a full time busy job. Lucky me she has my sleeping habits and sleeps 10pm-10am straight.. and then naps 2pm-5:30pm so I don't really have anything to complain about but she still keeps me busy none the less! 

Also during pregnancy I am hungry, A LOT like all the time... all I do is eat, and eat, and eat...all my friends bug me because I basically carry around a suitcase full of food & snacks all the time, they call me the snack queen! I love food so it doesn't really bother me, but with eating comes gaining weight, which is normal when your growing a baby I get that, but 60 pounds extra on me... yes I gained 60 pounds last time, is a lot!... towards the end I am so heavy, my poor little stick legs can barley work, I could only walk about 30 min at a time without my legs giving out on me.

So now you can kinda understand why I do not enjoy pregnancy, Don't let me scare you, every pregnancy is so different, and please don't get me wrong I am a very grateful person, I love feeling the baby move around and kick, having the connection, and watching the growth, I even like the actual process of birthing the baby, (Not even close to as bad as you think it's going to be by he way) but I'd still prefer it to be a 1 day thing instead of 9 months! haha.

All in all I knew twins would be very challenging in the beginning but I was up for it if it meant one less pregnancy! (I started out wanting 6 kids, but it goes down every pregnancy, so we are down to 4 haha)
I had myself convinced there was two in there seeings I was getting so big, so fast which is apparently very common with your second! 

So we go to the ultrasound, she informs us "Nope just one in there!" (I think my husband was a little relieved haha) we are of coarse still over the moon and grateful for ONE healthy baby :) Gods will, its not our time for twins, maybe next time ;)

A fun fact.
This baby was going to be the 100th grandchild on my dads side, I was so excited to tell my great grandmother, until I find out my cousin is pregnant with her third and due a week before me! Dangit! The race is on hehe, but with my track record (10 days overdue) She's pretty much got this one in the bag! 101 is pretty cool too!

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