Thursday, 5 February 2015

Christine - Chosen Boudoir Model

After going through over one hundred of your lovely responses, Christine was one of the ladies chosen for our "Model call" Facebook post back in January :) Here was her email to us:

"Hi there!
Saw your post on facebook, and it definitely made me think!  After contemplating, reading it a few times, clicking through some of your photos, I finally got brave and decided to apply! I think it would be a really fun experience for me.

One, I think it would do wonders for my self confidence. I have always been self conscious of little things that I am sure most women are.. Maybe my skin could be clearer or my thighs could be slimmer..  I have always tried to focus on inner beauty, but I think every woman at some point wants to feel pretty. I am a Mom of two great little boys, ages 4 & 6 who my world revolves around!  I also work full time at a pretty demanding job so I rarely take time do something just for me.

The second reason I decided to apply is that I think it would be a wonderful gift for the man in my life. I was on my own with my kids for 4 years, after a very toxic relationship ended. Then I met Jay.. We have been together just over a year, and not only is he amazing to me, but also loves my boys as if they were his own. I would love to be able to surprise him with a photo, (something he'd never expect from me!) as a small thank you for loving us like he does :)

I'd love to hear back from you, if you decide I might fit what you are looking for!


Christine was exactly one of the models that we were looking for, a full time working mom, someone we could help make her feel beautiful and sexy, someone who could really use a day of fun and pampering!

Here is the picture she attached, she seemed so sweet! (I was right hehe)

Now to the fun part! Here are some of her favourites :)

"Working with Kaitlyne and GreenTee Photography was such a great experience! 
She was so incredibly supportive, right from the time I decided to book. She was awesome with outfit tips, helpful questions to get to know me a bit beforehand and flexible with booking times. 
Getting there the day of my shoot, I came in a bit nervous, but her hair/makeup staff made me feel right at home. I was quickly transformed into a bombshell! The makeup looked amazing, and she kept in mind my opinions and color preferences, as well as getting my hair to look exactly how I pictured. 
During the photos, Kaitlyne was right when she said she would coach me right down to my fingertips! She was incredibly professional, had great ideas and kept me feeling comfortable the whole time. It was awesome to get to see my photos right away, and have her help to sort through and choose my favorites. I am more than 100% impressed with the entire experience! It was so fun, and something I would recommend to any woman needing a self esteem boost!! 
Thanks so much Kaitlyne!!

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